The Ideal Age for Your Child's First Orthodontic Evaluation

The Ideal Age for Your Child’s First Orthodontic Evaluation

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Guidelines from the American Association of Orthodontists recommend all children have an orthodontic evaluation by age 7. However, the ideal age for your child’s first orthodontic evaluation may be earlier if you notice signs that a problem may be developing. Read on for indications that your child should see an orthodontist.

Your Child Isn’t Losing Their Baby Teeth

Typically, children begin losing their primary (baby) teeth around the age of 6. Some children will lose them earlier, and some will lose them later. On average, by age 8, children have lost 8 of their baby teeth. If your child is not losing their baby teeth by age 7, it’s time to see an orthodontist.

Your Child is Losing Their Baby Teeth Early

If your child is losing their baby teeth as early as 4, an orthodontic exam is warranted.  When the primary teeth are lost too early, a space maintainer may be necessary, as the baby teeth preserve the space in the mouth for the adult teeth to eventually erupt.

Your Child Has Difficulty Chewing or Biting into Food

If it hurts your child to chew or bite into food, something is amiss. Pain when eating or difficulty chewing is a warning sign of an orthodontic condition that needs treatment.

Your Child’s Jaw Clicks or Pops

If your child’s jaw makes a clicking or popping sound when they are chewing, speaking, yawning, or laughing, it’s best to have them evaluated by Dr. Seifelnasr. A misaligned jaw can lead to pain or damaging oral health conditions. Correcting a misaligned jaw when children are young is ideal because the bones have not fully developed, making them malleable and receptive to treatment.

Your Child is Breathing Through Their Mouth

Mouth breathing while sleeping may be caused by a restricted airway. A restricted airway can lead to serious health conditions including obstructive sleep apnea. A narrow jaw is often to blame for mouth breathing  in young patients. If your child is breathing through their mouth, schedule a free orthodontic consultation with Dr. Seifelnasr. Treatments to correct mouth breathing are much easier and are more predictable at a young age. Children may also benefit from an oral appliance that repositions the jaw or tongue while sleeping.  We also try to figure out and eliminate the root cause behind mouth breathing.

Your Child’s Teeth are Significantly Misaligned

Crowded teeth put your child at increased risk of tooth decay, pain in the joint, difficulty chewing, and potential problems with speech development. Protruding teeth can put your child at risk of dental trauma, difficulty eating, speaking, and chewing, and damage to the other teeth. If your child’s teeth are significantly crowded, seek a free orthodontic examination with Dr. Seifelnasr as soon as possible.

Your Child Has a Facial Imbalance

The jaw bones, teeth, breathing and swallowing play an integral role in the development of your child’s facial features. An overdeveloped or underdeveloped jaw can be treated non-surgically with growth modification appliances in an early age and before the growth spurt to create facial symmetry when your child is still young. It is a life changer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Orthodontic Treatment

Will early orthodontic care be covered by insurance?

All insurance plans are a bit different. Contact your carrier for specific coverage limits and exclusions. We can also verify your benefits for you.

Can I finance my child’s orthodontic treatment?

We are offering no-interest financing for all orthodontic treatment. We accept CareCredit which is a third-party financing company,

Early Orthodontic Care for Children in Lewisville, TX

If you’re worried that something is amiss with the development of your child’s jaw or smile, there is no harm to get an orthodontic consult at any age. Dr. Seifelnasr will either reassure you that everything is fine or provide you with a solution for an orthodontic condition. To schedule a free  orthodontic consultation for your child in Lewisville, TX, call 469-598-1700 or send us a message.