Damon® Braces

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The Damon® System offers innovative tieless braces with high-tech archwires that have been clinically proven to move teeth faster and more comfortably than traditional braces, with exceptional smile and facial results.

With traditional orthodontic treatment, patients may need to have healthy teeth extracted or use palatal expanders to create more room for their teeth. This approach can be uncomfortable, lengthy, and may result in a narrower arch and flat facial profile. Damon® smiles are full, natural 10-tooth smiles that are designed to improve facial aesthetics, creating a balanced, beautiful profile.

Benefits of Damon® Braces

  • Aesthetics

    Self-ligating brackets don’t have the bulky appearance of traditional brackets.

  • Cleaning

    No elastics and ties means it’s much easier for patients with Damon® braces to keep their teeth clean. You’ll still need to take special care with brushing and flossing, but you won’t have elastics where plaque can accumulate.

  • Appointment Time

    Because self-ligating braces have specialized brackets that hold the archwire in place, appointments are often shorter and less frequent.

  • Treatment Time

    Best of all, your overall treatment time with Damon® braces is likely to be shorter than that of traditional metal braces.

Damon® Braces

Damon® Metal Self-Ligating Braces

Damon® self-ligating metal brackets combine advanced technology with a more comfortable orthodontic treatment option, making them an excellent choice for patients. Damon® brackets have a lower profile than traditional brackets, with no need for elastics or metal ties to connect them to the archwires.

Damon® Clear Self-Ligating Braces

Damon® Clear has all the advantages of metal Damon® braces, with the added benefit of being virtually invisible. They combine the best of traditional braces and clear aligners for a treatment that is both discreet and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions About Damon® Braces

Are Damon® braces really better?

Damon® braces have been clinically proven to provide faster results and a more comfortable orthodontic experience. In addition, they don’t require any teeth to be extracted and produce highly aesthetic facial results.

What is the difference between Damon® braces and regular braces?

Damon® braces are self-ligating, using a sliding mechanism to gradually tighten and adjust your braces over time to straighten your teeth. Traditional braces are held in place with elastics or metal ties and must be adjusted by an orthodontist.

Do Damon® braces work faster?

Yes, Damon® braces are known for working faster than traditional braces. It’s estimated that they can straighten teeth up to 30 percent faster.

Are Damon® braces better than Invisalign?

Every patient is unique, with their own orthodontic needs and preferences. Damon® braces and Invisalign are both excellent orthodontic systems; we can help you choose the right one for you during your consultation.

Are self-ligating braces more expensive?

Yes, self-ligating braces are more expensive than traditional braces. We can provide you with a cost comparison when you come to our office for a consultation.

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