Dr. Amal Seifelnasr

Team Member

Dr. Amal Seifelnasr (Dr. Seif), has been in orthodontics for more than 25 years. It is her passion to use her expertise and knowledge to provide her patients with QUALITY orthodontic experience. She makes sure that the smile journey is smooth and enjoyable not only for the children but also for their parents.

She is an accomplished orthodontic professional having started her journey in Orthodontics since she graduated her orthodontic residency in Cairo, Egypt in 1996. Dr. Seif is an International Member of the American Association of Orthodontists and the World Federation of Orthodontists member.

Upon moving to the USA, Dr. Seifelnasr deepened her understanding of the American healthcare system. Committed to community well-being and during her residency in NYU Langone Dental Medicine she has the idea of a national project to provide early Orthodontic treatment to children in rural areas in the USA. She believes that orthodontists nation wide can virtually guide and supervise dentists in rural area to do preventive and interceptive treatment. We hope legalities will make her project doable in the near future.

Beyond straightening teeth, Dr. Seif sees it as a tool for transforming confidence and self-esteem for her patients. She focuses on Functions such as breathing and swallowing, jaw alignment and soft tissue balance in her diagnosis and treatment planning to complement the beautiful smiles she created.

In her practice, Dr. Seifelnasr treats patients of all ages like family, prioritizing education, respect for desires, and offering affordable, simple and effective treatment options. Her joy lies in creating a comfortable clinic atmosphere where patients eagerly anticipate appointments.

Committed to staying current, she actively pursues continuous education, ensuring patients benefit from the latest technology and treatment techniques. Dr. Seifelnasr's expertise lies in delivering preventive, interceptive and comprehensive, customized orthodontic care that seamlessly fits each patient's lifestyle. She is not just an orthodontic professional; she's a creator of confident smiles and a champion of personalized, innovative care.

In her free time. She likes gardening, traveling and painting.

Our Practice Philosophy

I am passionate about providing my patients with life-changing beautiful smiles. I focus on creating a simple and efficient treatment plan to make the whole orthodontic experience enjoyable and affordable.

Adopting the latest technology allows me to provide my patients with high-quality service, fewer appointments, faster treatment, and a prettier smile.

I would like my patients, when they first walk into the door, to feel that they are special and know how much we care for them.

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