Spark Aligners in Lewisville


Spark Aligners

Spark Aligners are the latest advancements in clear aligners, trusted by orthodontists worldwide. Spark Aligners are clearer, more comfortable, stains less compared to the leading aligner brand. 100% of Spark patients would recommend Spark to a friend.

The Science Behind Spark Aligners

Spark Aligners are made with TruGEN™, the latest innovation in clear aligner material. Spark Aligners are more clear, more comfortable, stain less and are designed for more efficient and effective tooth movement, compared to the leading aligner brand.


Spark Aligners Difference

100% of Spark Aligners patients would recommend Spark Aligners to a friend. Compared to the leading aligner brand, Spark Aligners are:

  • More Clear
  • More Comfortable
  • Stains Less


Spark Clear Aligners

Whether in trials or clinical practice, Spark™ Clear Aligner System has created impressive finishes treating a variety of moderate Class I and II malocclusions.

Testimonial - Before - After Results


Relapse after previous orthodontic treatment resulted in severe crowding, deep overbite, narrow collapsed arches, decay, and gum diseases. The case was treated with Spark Aligners.