Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Treatment

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When a child is born with a cleft lip or cleft palate, a multidisciplinary team is needed to provide a comprehensive solution. Dr. Seif regularly offers orthodontic support in such cases, drawing from her extensive experience and knowledge in the growth and development of the face.

What Is a Cleft Lip?

A cleft lip is a split or separation in a child’s upper lip. The two sides are separated by what appears to be a narrow opening or gap in the skin of the upper lip. A cleft lip may extend beyond the base of the nose and include the upper jawbone and gum tissue.

What Is a Cleft Palate?

A cleft palate is a split or separation that occurs in the roof of the mouth. Children with cleft palates have an opening in the hard palate (the bony front portion of the roof of the mouth), the soft palate (the soft portion behind the hard palate), or both.

How Orthodontists Treat Cleft Lips and Palates

Dr. Seif can assist in your child’s diagnosis and treatment planning as part of a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals. She will obtain and analyze medical records and imaging, including 3D x-rays, digital models, and photographs, in order to understand the extent of bone and soft tissue deformities. This occurs far before your child has any teeth, as much of Dr. Seif’s initial work is focused on your child’s facial growth and jaw development.

As your child grows, they are likely to develop a short, narrow upper jaw and mid-face deficiency. These are addressed through early orthodontic treatment. Dr. Seif may recommend a functional appliance that expands and advances the upper jaw to a more forward position, which supports the growth of the upper-jaw and mid-face, improves a child’s self-esteem, and reduces the possibility of future orthognathic surgery. Once the permanent teeth erupt, Dr. Seif can provide orthodontic treatment with braces to align the teeth for a more functional bite and beautiful smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleft Palate and Cleft Lips

Can cleft palate be fixed?

Yes, cleft palate can be successfully repaired through surgical treatment and subsequent orthodontic treatment. The timing depends upon the severity of the cleft palate; some children can be treated as infants, while others may need to wait until they are older.

Why is cleft palate bad?

A cleft palate can cause your child to have difficulties breathing, eating, and speaking. Children with cleft palate are at a higher risk of ear infections, hearing loss, and dental issues.

Can a cleft lip fix itself?

No, a cleft lip will not fix itself. It’s important to be proactive and seek treatment to prevent related health and developmental issues.

Does cleft lip affect teeth?

Cleft lip can affect teeth, but it doesn’t always. When it does cause dental issues, a child may be missing teeth where the cleft is located; other times, they may have extra teeth or malformed teeth. It’s also common for children with cleft lips to have teeth that are crowded and misaligned.

Does insurance cover cleft palate treatment?

Insurance plans can vary from one provider to the next, but most cover treatment for cleft palate. We are happy to help you understand your expenses and out-of-pocket costs.

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