Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Self-Ligating Braces

Phase I Treatment

Often, it is necessary to prepare the teeth before traditional braces can be considered. Phase I treatment usually takes place as early as 7 years old depending on the nature of malocclusion and can involve appliances that create space in the mouth and correct bite problems while growth is still occurring. This stage is generally completed early, while patients still have mixed dentition (baby teeth and adult teeth).

During Phase I,  Dr. Seif's goal is to treat larger issues such as jaw misalignment, horizontal and vertical bite problems, dental arch expansion, and bad dental habits that, if left untreated, may produce  undesirable effects on your child’s appearance and self esteem.

Phase II Adolescent Treatment

Phase II typically occurs during adolescence, when the rapid growth that typically occurs during adolescence facilitates more efficient treatment of  orthodontic problems.

During Phase II, Dr. Seif's goal is to transition the permanent teeth into their ideal positions. With careful attention to detail, Dr. Seif  shapes the mini, micro and macro esthetics that will provide your child with a gorgeous, artistic smile. 

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