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How Much Do Braces Cost?


Whether your child needs braces or you’re considering them for yourself, one of the biggest questions is usually regarding the cost. Braces are sometimes partially covered by dental insurance, but sometimes not, so the total cost may be out of pocket for you. Fortunately, there are plenty of payment and financing options available to make the cost more affordable. 

The cost of braces should never be a reason to forgo treatment. Proper alignment of teeth is not just a cosmetic issue. Crowded teeth can lead to impacted teeth when the crowding is not alleviated. A misaligned bite pattern can cause unnecessary wear that can lead to permanent damage to teeth. Even chronic jaw problems can occur when teeth are not properly positioned in the mouth. The cost of braces is always well worth it.

Average Cost of Different Types of Braces

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: how much do braces cost? It depends on a few factors such as the type and the individual age and needs of the patient. But the average range of what you’ll pay for the 3 main types of braces is as follows:

    • Metal Braces: $3,000-$6,000 These are the traditional metal braces that have been used for decades, although technological advancements have improved them. 
    • Clear Braces: $4,000-$8,000 These are like traditional metal braces but clear, often made of ceramic for the purpose of being less noticeable.
    • Invisalign: $3,000-$8,000 This is the most recent teeth alignment product that uses clear plastic trays that fit over the teeth to gradually shift them into place.

How Do Other Factors Affect the Cost?

Within each price range, there are certain factors that may affect where the price falls within that range for each individual patient. These factors include:

    • Age of the patient. Adults will pay an average of $150-$200 more for braces for themselves than for their children or teens.
    • Length and extent of treatment. The more involved your treatment will be and the longer it is expected to take will affect the price. Additional orthodontic treatment either before or after will most likely be an extra cost.
    • Your location. The cost of braces is usually affected by the population density and cost of living where you live. Braces in a major city will possibly cost more than in a small town.
    • Your provider. Each orthodontist’s office will set their own prices based on the services they offer. However, you can expect comparable prices between providers because they want to stay competitive.

            How Much Does Insurance Typically Pay Toward Braces?

            Your dental or health insurance may give you a lump sum toward braces. That amount usually falls in the range of $1,000-$1,500. You can purchase insurance for orthodontics paid monthly that could reduce your overall cost of braces. 

            What Are Some Ways to Make Braces More Affordable?

            Whether you have insurance or not, you may still need some help paying for the total cost of orthodontic care for you or your child. Many providers offer patients and their families a payment plan that spreads the cost over a few years. Other options include financing, such as credit cards or lines of credit. 

            Castle Hills 3D Orthodontics Strives to Make Braces Affordable for Patients

            We see our patients stressed about how to afford orthodontic treatment for themselves or their kids. Our job is to create beautiful smiles and to make sure that our patients can afford orthodontic treatment.

            We are happy to announce that soon Castle Hills 3D Orthodontics will introduce OrthoFi. OrthoFi will allow our patients to make financial arrangements that are very specific for them, made by them and will fit their budget and their lifestyle. 

            We would like to show our patients that we care as our goal is to relieve the stress and to eliminate any financial obstacles and to allow our patients to have the smile they deserve. 

            We accept an extensive list of insurance providers and offer financing options through our office. Greensky Patient Solutions is another financing option available for medical costs of all kinds. Castle Hills 3D Orthodontics is also offering the following specials for limited time:

              • Braces - starts at $3985
              • Invisalign - starts at $1999 

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