Differences Between Braces & Clear Aligners

Differences Between Braces & Clear Aligners

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Both braces and clear aligners can provide excellent results when it comes to straightening teeth or correcting an overbite or underbite. But if you’ve come to the conclusion that you need orthodontic treatment to transform your smile, or perhaps your child does, how do you make the decision between braces or clear aligners?

The first step in determining which is right for you is to consult with Dr. Amal Seifelnasr for a thorough evaluation of your particular situation. At Castle Hills 3D Orthodontics, we provide our patients in Lewisville, TX and the surrounding areas with orthodontic services, including braces and clear aligners, to boost your confidence, oral health and overall wellness. Our goal is to help you smile with style as you regain and maintain a healthy, beautiful mouth.


Braces or Invisalign? You have to choose the product and experience that is right for you. Either way, you'll get a beautiful smile.

The advantages of Invisalign:

✅ zero emergencies 

✅ generally shorter treatment time

✅ more comfortable 

✅ easier brushing and flossing  

✅ no food restrictions 

✅ fewer appointments

The advantages of braces:

✅ don't have to remember to wear them

✅ Damon braces can be as fast as Invisalign

In the meantime, learn more below as we review a few of the differences between the various options so you can feel more comfortable in making an informed choice.


When considering clear aligners versus braces, cosmetic appearance can be a deciding factor for many patients. Clear aligners may be temporarily removed if needed, whereas with braces, wires and brackets are affixed to the teeth and cannot be removed for the duration of the treatment program. At Castle Hills 3D Orthodontics, we offer both Damon® Self Ligating Braces as well as Spark™ Aligners and Invisalign® clear aligners.

With Spark™ Aligners and Invisalign®, these corrective options involve sleek plastic aligners that are virtually invisible when worn. One bonus to this option is that if a patient feels more comfortable removing them for a special occasion, a photo shoot or a job interview, the aligners can be removed for the event and then immediately replaced once it’s over, unlike braces that cannot be removed once they are affixed to the teeth.


With traditional braces, patients must visit the orthodontist every six to eight weeks in order to receive adjustments and change out wires.  Also, additional visits may be necessary if a wire pops out of place or a bracket falls off.

With clear aligners, the treatment plan usually moves forward with a very smooth and efficient flow. Patients wear their customized aligners for around 22 hours each day, only removing them for eating, drinking beverages other than water, brushing and flossing. Aligners are switched out every week or two in the comfort and convenience of home. Office visits are not required to advance to the next aligner and are typically only needed periodically to make sure your teeth are adjusting properly.


Proper care and maintenance of braces can be daunting, as food can become trapped along the brackets and wires. This can lead to bacteria and build-up so special attention must be dedicated to avoid damage to your teeth, bad breath or an unsightly appearance. Teeth should be brushed after every meal and before bed, and patients should carefully floss daily. Using a floss threader or water flosser can help safely clean around the delicate pieces and parts of your braces.

Caring for clear aligners can be quick and easy by comparison. Aligners are simply brushed clean with a soft-bristled toothbrush and they can be periodically soaked in a solution specially formulated for aligners. Just like with braces, teeth should be brushed after every meal and at bedtime before aligners are put back in to ensure no food is trapped. Flossing should also be completed before bed so you can rest easy knowing your aligners are working on a clean, healthy mouth while you sleep.

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